Realopoly (pronounced real-opoly) is an innovative online real estate platform helping brokerages to more effectively market properties by actively engaging their own agents to cross-market their office listings.
The name Realopoly is a word play on the word monopolyWe found it fitting to call our company Realopoly, because we are creating a real market for buying and selling real properties. While monopoly may also bring to mind the board game (for the record, we have no association with the maker of the game), Realopoly actually works quite differently from it. And, unlike in the game, many real estate agents can select the same property on Realopoly, and market it individually to the public (therefore, we have actually created a multiopoly). Thus, helping to sell the properties more effectively and efficiently.
The Realopoly platform is meant to complement the local Multiple Listings Services, and all the listings on our platform must be listed in the respective MLS as well, where the compensation for the cooperating brokers and buyer's agents is set out.
Realopoly is a win-win solution for everyone in the real estate market.

What is Realopoly?

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