First-time home buyer programs in US: cash grants and down payment assistance.
Learn about government grants available for US home buyers. Every state offers some sort of free money grant and/or loans to help with down payment and closing costs.
Mortgage Pre-Approval Letters And Why You Need One Before Looking for a House
Shopping for a home without a mortgage pre-approval letter? Learn the top 5 reasons to get the mortgage pre-approval before you find your next home.
9 Feng Shui principles that matter when buying or selling a house
Every real estate property has a unique set of characteristics that can make it either appealing or not. Real estate agents often encounter questions and concerns from buyers regarding the Feng Shui in the house.
Foreclosure vs. Pre-Foreclosure Property Explained
Many online portals feature listings marked as pre-foreclosure and foreclosure. What is the difference between such properties, and what should be the buyer know before pursuing them.
How many of these real estate acronyms do you know?
Real estate practitioners sometimes like to use their lingo to describe the properties and other aspects of real estate transactions. We break down the code, and explain the meaning behind these terms.
Top 10 things not to do when applying for a mortgage loan.
When buying a house most buyers require a mortgage loan. Here are the top 10 things to avoid doing while applying for a mortgage.
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