Our mission: helping agents do more, sell more, and stay top of mind with the public - without paying for leads, ads, zip codes or referral fees.
Real estate agents networking
Realopoly helps agents:

• market each other's listings online
• generate free buyers and sellers leads
• stay at the top of mind with public
increase agent cooperation within their brokerage
• offer unique value proposition to sellers
 sell more of their office listings in-house
 Real estate broker growing sales
Realopoly helps brokers and teams grow their business:
• generate more free leads
 increase cooperation among their agents 
 help new agents to generate leads
• expand free marketing on social media
• amplify their branding


Realopoly agent account signup
1. Register for a free agent account
Create your agent account page, add your profile photo, your bio, brokerage logo, contact info, and your social media links. Remember to pick a professional user name (we recommend your own name) that will become a part of your branded URL (realopoly.com/username). Your profile will be listed in our agent directory. You will also receive a FREE customized home valuation page, which you can share on social media, etc.
Selecting a subsription plan
2. Select a subscription plan 
We offer 3 simple and affordable subscription plans, including a free 14-day trial plan. Pick one plan and sign up for it. You can view the plans here. Once you sign up for a subscription plan you can start adding your listings and bookmark other agents' listings.
Adding listings to Realopoly
3. Post your own exclusive listings on Realopoly
Posting a listing is easy, and only takes a few minutes to complete. You may add your exclusive listing at any point after you secure the listing agreement, so it can be done even a few days (or weeks) after you submitted the listing to your MLS. Once you post your listing(s) on Realopoly other agents can bookmark it and generate more buzz for your listings and bring more potential buyers to it.
Social media on the phone 
4. Bookmark any of the listings published on Realopoly
While logged into your account, simply click the heart button on any listing page on Realopoly.com. This will make such listing appear on your profile - with your contact information. You can then share these listings to the public, from your profile page. You can do this because every listing published on Realopoly comes with a written permission from the listing broker for all other licensed real estate salespersons and brokers to share and advertise their listings online.
Bookmarking listings on Realopoly
5. Share the listings on social media platforms
There are dozens of links built-in to every listing page, making for easy sharing to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When sharing the bookmarked listings online, make sure to include in your post your brokerage name, along with the word "Advertisement". 
 Agent working on a computer
6. Share your interactive home valuation page 
Every agent on Realopoly has their own home valuation page, which can help them generate inquiries from homeowners and potential sellers. It's an interactive home valuation tool that let's users set their own home value estimate on the slider, and request to have it valuated by an agent. It can be found under the "Estimate Page" tab at the top menu when you log into your agent account. Each agent has their unique URL for the page, and all inquiries submitted to it are sent only to the respective agent. You can easily post this page on social media, etc. This page is optimized for all mobile devices as well as desktop computers.
Rocket boost your real estate career with Realopoly
7. Repeat it often and make your business grow!
Sharing the listings to your social media accounts regularly will help you stay at top of mind with your followers and demonstrate that you are actively engaged in the real estate business. Most people are only buying and selling real estate on average every 7 years, but they sure like to know what's happening in their local market and listings are a great way to bring user engagement to your posts. Plus, almost everyone knows someone who's looking to move and you want them to think of you when they recommend an agent to their friends and family. Consistency is the key to generating leads, getting referrals, and doing more deals.